PhD Candidate at Curtin University
Research Associate at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History

I'm a part-time PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology, supervised by Dr Stephen Poropat and Professor Patricia Rich

In 2019 my co-authors and I named and described the most complete Australian pterosaur, Ferrodraco lentoni

The article naming and describing Ferrodraco was ranked in the Top 100 papers published in Scientific Reports in 2019

Adele Pentland

In My Bones

2023 Finalist in the
Very Short Film Festival

Before I started my PhD, fewer than 20 pterosaur bones had been scientifically described from Australia, with only two nominal species

Ferrodraco is the third species of Australian pterosaur  but there are more pterosaur fossils to be found and described. My PhD aims to close the gap in our knowledge of these enigmatic winged reptiles from the age of the dinosaurs

As an honorary research associate at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, I volunteer each field season, working closely with other researchers on dinosaurs and other Cretaceous fossils

Adele Pentland
Twitter: @AdelePentland

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